Monday, August 25, 2008

Words Cannot Describe

Sally is currently posting about our trip today to Milford Sound, and I'm going to go ahead and just agree with everything she says. Milford Sound (which is actually a fiord, not a sound because it was formed by glaciers, not rivers), is the most beautiful place in the world. It's certainly the most beautiful place I've seen. The flight there and back was unreal as we cruised over 10,000 foot snow-capped peaks, glaciers, mountain lakes, rivers, and steep valleys. Then the cruise through the fiord was just unreal. The pictures and video will likely be just a sad attempt to recreate the glory. Sally and I are both just sort of now coming down from the thrill of the experience.

I will also point out that at the bottom of the blog there is a new feature for you readers out there. It's titled "Kiwi Mitsubishi Commercial" and it has been playing a lot down here. If you have sound, it's worth a look. If the link doesn't work just go to YouTube and type in "Mitsubishi Lancer advert New Zealand." Pretty funny.

Queenstown the town, by the way, is also totally awesome. It's a young, funky mountain town with lots of young people, tourists, ski bums, and the like.

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Katie said...

LOVE reading your blog you guys and reading about your adventures!!!! ~Katie Hall