Saturday, August 9, 2008

About to take off...

Well, today is the day! We are all packed and I've checked the passports about 19238740934650193487 times.

Our flight leaves at 12:10 for St. Louis, then fly on to LA, then to Auckland. The Auckland flight is about 13 hours and we went with the Dramamine because my mom swears by it, and her body is not very tolerant of many things! So if it works for her, it has to be amazing.

We'll arrive in Auckland (if all goes well... cross your fingers) at about 5:00 AM and then immediately drive north to Paihia, which takes about 3 hours. It will definitely be a long few days of traveling, but well worth it once we get there!

Alright, I think we're off! Once we get settled in Paihia, we'll try to find an Internet cafe to write more.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Fisher Formal. Duh.

Hey guys! As you can tell, we are new to the blogging world... so there may be some pretty random content popping up on here. Like this picture... it was taken at Fisher Formal. Not New Zealand. Duh.

Initial Post

With our trip just a few days away, it's finally time to get this blog rolling. I'm unsure how much we'll be able to post from the Land of the Long White Cloud, but even just a few pictures or uploaded video will be worthwhile.